Homebiotic bacteria are actually quite resilient. Remember, this is a natural home product with natural bacteria. They evolved in nature in a variety of locations from soil to plants to animals, so they are tolerant to temperature fluctuations. Homebiotic can survive in many temperature ranges.

Even though we warn against temperature extremes, they are only really problematic when Homebiotic is left in very intense conditions for long periods of time. For most situations, this isn’t an issue.

When to Worry

We know some of you are in high-temperature climates. Don’t panic! Here are a few reasons why you STILL shouldn’t worry:

Homebiotic is happily stable anywhere from just above freezing up to 105°F / 40°C for moderately extended periods of time. To ensure your order arrives safe and still in optimal condition, several precautions are taken to ensure Homebiotic stays within its comfort zone.

Facility Shipping

Bulk cases that are sent from our bottling facility to our distribution facilities are shipped in insulated packing crates to maintain storage temperatures.

Storage & order processing

Our storage & shipping facility is temperature controlled, and all inventory is kept out of direct sunlight.

Retail shipping – winter

Despite testing numerous options, none of the available insulated packaging options were successfully able to keep Homebiotic from freezing when left outside for many hours in sub-freezing temperatures. As a result, all of our orders are shipped in the most effective insulated packaging that we can find, and can include a Signature Requirement to ensure your order is not left out in the cold. We recommend shipping to a location where someone is able to receive the package during the day, rather than having it left outside or in a mailbox.

Retail shipping – summer

Keeping a package cool is significantly easier than keeping it warm, and our results with temperature control in the summer are correspondingly better. During summer months, all of our orders are shipped in an insulated package and include warning stickers to instruct that the package be kept out of the sun.

If for some reason your Homebiotic is left out in hot temperatures for longer than expected, all is not lost. Homebiotic can withstand periods of up to 8 hours at 110°F / 45°C. If this occurs, it can be re-stabilized by refrigerating for 30-60 minutes.



Worst case scenario

However, if your Homebiotic experiences anything beyond 120°F / 50°C or below 32°F /0°C, it is likely no longer viable. We strongly recommend shipping to a location where you know someone will be available to receive the package to avoid these unfortunate circumstances. The temperature shock indicator on your Quick Start guide will let you know if your order has exceeded safe heat limits.

However, if some mishap occurs and your package is still left out in extreme weather, please let us know and we’ll do what we can to help. Typically this will involve sending a replacement order.