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Here are some areas we’re actively working on improving; we value your insight and would really appreciate it if you could tell us a bit about where else you feel we can better serve you.

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Improvements to Shipping & Fulfillment
Homebiotic is a small fast-growing company with a product that is made fresh for you each month, and occasionally we have more orders than inventory for a few days. Oops! We’re actively working on managing this better, and will be completely revamping our supply & fulfillment system in the near future.
Product Appearance Improvements
We have a strict quality control system that covers production and fulfillment. However, occasionally some bottles unfortunately get scuffed or marked during shipping which reduces their appearance. We’re working on a new custom packaging & fulfillment system that will eliminate this issue going forward.
Homebiotic Usage

Homebiotic is a unique product, which works in a completely different way than other household products. When properly used, Homebiotic is an effective tool to help prevent mold growth and reduce musty odors. Our FAQ section & knowledge base are available to help you get the results you’re looking for. Still need some help getting your desired results? We’re here to help!

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