Study shows Homebiotic prevents mold growth

We’ve seen firsthand how well Homebiotic out-competes harmful mold in homes, blocks destructive spores from growing in the environment, and ultimately helps keep your space safe.

Sure, seeing how well Homebiotic works is incredibly exciting. There’s nothing we love more than finding disease-causing mold rendered harmless… but that wasn’t enough.

We wanted standardized data and we wanted it to be completely unbiased. Which is why we sent Homebiotic samples off to an accredited microbiology lab for a rigorous testing protocol. We wanted to say without a doubt that Homebiotic crushes mold growth, so we put our product through the most comprehensive mold prevention test available:

ASTM D 3273-16 – Standard Test Method for Resistance to Growth of Mold on the Surface of Interior Coatings in an Environmental Chamber

The Test

The ASTM D 3273-16 protocol tests the effectiveness of surface treatments to prevent the growth of mold. This is a very comprehensive test, which exposes common mold-prone building materials to an environment which is engineered to promote mold growth.

In the ASTM protocol, test samples are placed into an environmental chamber along with control samples which have not been treated. The environmental chamber contains active mold spores from soil, and is maintained at high temperature and humidity; optimal conditions for growing mold.

The fungal species being tested were:

  • Aspergillus Niger
  • Penicillium Citrinum
  • Aureobasidium Pullulans
Homebiotic Test Samples: 6
MicroStar Control Samples: 3
Test Duration: 28 Days
Chamber Temperature (±1°C): 32.5°C
Chamber Humidity (±3%): 95%

2 application protocols were tested: a one-time application and daily applications for 7 days. This was compared to control samples, which were untreated. The application protocol was not disclosed to MicroStar prior to testing; samples were merely labeled Sample 1 and Sample 2.

The Results

As you can probably tell, we’re very excited about the results. Here’s why:

The independent study by MicroStar Lab found Homebiotic prevents nearly all toxic mold growth in the worst possible conditions.

What’s even more exciting is that Homebiotic is still effective four weeks after application. We’ve seen this in our own testing, but it’s gratifying to see it in an independent laboratory report for a standardized test protocol.

This study found that when Homebiotic was not used, within two weeks the samples were 70 percent covered in mold. This was in stark contrast to the two Homebiotic samples, which were still up to 90 percent free of toxic, disease-causing mold four weeks after application.

The first two images show samples where Homebiotic was used.

  • Sample 1: Single application of Homebiotic
  • Sample 2: Daily applications of Homebiotic for 1 week

The third image is of lab-supplied control samples where Homebiotic has not been used.

The evidence demonstrates that Homebiotic is effective at keeping mold growth at bay, even in laboratory conditions designed for optimal mold growth.

The evidence demonstrates that Homebiotic is effective at keeping mold growth at bay, even in laboratory conditions designed for optimal mold growth.

The scientists at MicroStar Lab classified the results using a rating system for how much of the wood was covered by the mold under close inspection. This ‘surface defacement’ rating ranged from 0 to 10.

After four weeks both Homebiotic-treated samples ranked between 8-9 in clarity and freedom from mold.

Remember, in Sample 1 the piece was sprayed once and in Sample 2 the piece was sprayed daily for 1 week. With both treatment methods, each Homebiotic-treated sample received high rankings. You can see the full test results below.

This study confirms our own results from tests we’ve run at Homebiotic, as well as feedback from thousands of customers.

Laboratory Credentials

We wanted a rigorous and unbiased test of Homebiotic. So, we sent our samples to a laboratory known for its meticulous testing. A laboratory run specifically by microbiologists with a specialty in fungus. We selected MicroStar Lab, an independent microbiology laboratory located in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

MicroStar Lab is exemplary in its methods, staff, and facility. They were the best independent accredited laboratory to test Hombiotic to the ASTM standard due to their extensive experience and expert staff. MicroStar standards include:

  • The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
  • Member of the standards organization ASTM International
  • Registered with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls
  • Compliant with International Traffic In Arms Regulation
  • Approved for military standard testing
  • Staffed with microbiology experts
  • Extensive security measures

This extensive testing demonstrates that when you use Homebiotic properly you are implementing the best natural defense against mold growth.

Get Homebiotic and start defending your home today.

Get Homebiotic and start defending your home today.